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Decoupage Workshop 1-1 (Advanced Session)

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Decoupage is the art of gluing tissues/ papers onto an object, combining it with paint effects and other decorative elements. This workshop will have all the information about the basic and important knowledge about decoupage art, colour blending technique, sealing project, massive stamping and adding elements. 

Things you will learn:

  • About supplies
  • Prepping up of base
  • Decoupage Art
  • Colour Blending
  • Adding elements
  • How to seal elements
  • Massive Stamping
  • Dabbing
  • How to seal final project


Approx. 60-75 minutes

More info:

  • This session has been designed in a way that learner will be able to do decoupage in any surface with all the mentioned techniques.
  • This session will also boost your confidence in doing decoupage with ease and experiment!
  • Material list will be sent ones the session is booked. 
  • Session timing and date has to be decided mutually. 
  • Session duration depends on how quick you learn. 
  • All supplies are available at our store, still if anything is not available then we will try to share possible links.  

For more details please connect with us on whatsapp 9967781015


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