Watercolour Paper - A3 - Growing Craft - Best craft Supplies
Watercolour Paper - A3 - Growing Craft - Best craft Supplies

Watercolour Paper - A3

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  • Watercolour paper has a great erasability. The essential key for this high quality watercolour paper is this ability to easily make corrections. This paper allows corrections even using a simple brush stoke.
  •  It can also be used with other wet techniques such as gouache or acrylic.
  • This beautiful cold pressed surface allows for multiple reliefs and effects. Delicate shade, cold pressed, snowy grain, numerous qualities make this paper a classic "Must Have" Paper for crafter.
  • Archival; Standard & Longevity guarantee; Mould-resistant treatment.
  • Acid-free and without optical brightness additives
  • Suitable for Wet-on Wet Technique

Size - A3 (29.7 x 42 cm); 300 GSM
Quantity- 7 Sheet in a pack

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