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RESIN ART - Master Class

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Artist Soniya Agarwal, has designed online detailed session with step by step instructions to learn the beautiful technique.

You will be learning 3 ways of Resin Art 

  • Resin Color Art
  • Geode Resin Art
  • Resin Silicon Art with flowers

This session will include:

1. How to safely handle resin and taking all precautions.

2. Creating patterns and colouring.

3. Playing with colour combination & layering.

4. How to avoid bubbles.

5. Avoid dripping and to clean the drops. 

6. Sourcing all the materials.

7. Use of different materials to create different effect.

8. Details about resin mould.

After registering for the workshop supplies list with possible links to buy them will be shared via email.

Required KITS are also available with us. 

These are special designed with all possible tips and tricks.

For any query, connect with us on or whatsapp +91 99677 81015 

How to join???

  1. Add workshop item to the cart.
  2. Make payment.
  3. Supplies list with possible links will be emailed withing 24 hours of purchase.
  4. Date and time has to be decided mutually. 
  5. For paid kits, dispatch will be done on the details mentioned period only.


Enjoy and happy crafting!!

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