Massive Varnish - GCMEDIUM 718

Massive Varnish - GCMEDIUM 718

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Massive Varnish - A perfect Varnish for Decoupage Art, Mixed Media Art, Resin Art and Acrylic Painting. 
  • Durable Matte Finish: Gives ultimate weather protection and durable matte finish to wooden surfaces, MDF, oil and acrylic paintings.
  • Heat Resistance: It provides a fair amount of heat resistance when used on trays, coasters and other surfaces.
  • Application Method: Best applied with a flat soft brush
  • Use: Massive Varnish can be used to seal the work done on all surfaces like wood, glass, metal, sculpture paste, texture work, terracotta and more. It can be applied on decoupage work, acrylic and oil paintings, painted furniture pieces and also on raw wood.
  • Fast Drying: It is water based, fast drying and can also be applied on raw wood. Great for sealing and protecting outdoor and indoor wooden surfaces like tables and wooden decor pieces.

Quantity - 100ML Jar in a pack. 



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