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Massive Decoupage Paper GC-DecoupagePaper 70

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Beautiful designer Decoupage papers for decoupage art. These are thin and perfect for your any Decoupage Art and Mixed Media Art.
You can use them as Collage Papers, Floral Wrapping Paper, Decoupage paper for Furniture, Serving Trays, Glass Plates, Bottles, Mason Jars, Boxes, Purse and more. 
These papers can be used on any surfaces and with any decoupage art mediums like decoupage glue, modpodge, varnish and paint mediums.  
This pack of  paper has 2 different designs  which can be used in different projects.  
Size- A4
Quantity - 2 designs in a pack (1 paper of each design) 

How to use Massive Decoupage paper?

1. Prep up your base with gesso.
2. Stick Massive paper with Decoupage glue or modpodge.
3. Wanna enhance it more?? Add Massive Stamping.
4. Seal it with Varnish.

It's ready!!

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