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Craft Tweezer - GC TOOL 001

Craft Tweezer - GC TOOL 001

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  • Craft Tweezer 
  • About Product :-
  • Stainless Steel Anti-Static Tweezer Bend is is a high-quality industry-grade curved/Bend  Stainless steel tweezer. It meets the RoHS directive and is made from anti-magnetic stainless steel
  • Features:

    • Made by the high-quality stainless steel
    • Antistatic, Anti-magnetic and anti-acid
    • Cutting-edge parts of pure manual polishing, fine workmanship
    • Processed in high temperature and planting antistatic material
    • Tips after a long time of use are still super straight.
    • Bend Tweezers Head
    • Provides an easy and convenient operation
    • Suitable for planting small or thin water plant
    • Small tweezer with elbow, perfect for professional and home use
    • Moderate size for easy carrying
    • High quality material, rust proof and durable, long lifespan
    • Suitable for repairing electronic products such as watches, jewelry, laboratory work, chemical work, machine, high technology, phone, tablets, glasses, digital camera and LED TV
    • Quantity:-2

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