Advanced Mixed Media Art Workshop with KIT
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Advanced Mixed Media Art Workshop with KIT

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Advanced Mixed media art tutorial with complete set of supplies use in one Mixed Media Box making. 

This video is perfect for advanced learning of Mixed Media and Decoupage art too. 

Ofcourse it needs lots of tips and tricks.. and for this we have created 1 detailed video tutorial with all the detailed information.  

This workshop will give you access to 3 different videos for lifetime!

Things you will learn:

* Layout and planning

* Ways to use your decoupage napkin, Decoupage Paper, rice paper, etc. 

* Information on supplies used for mixed media art

* How to use different elements. 

* Ways to assemble each element and bring them to one decor piece.

* Metal Embellishments assembling.

* Ideas to work on different surface and material bases. 

* Playing around with texture

* How to use Rice Paper

* Different tools for Mixed Media Art

These videos has been designed in a way that you can use all the details and create Video is going to be a detailed tutorial with all the required sizes and information.

Kit will include all the supplies needed for that. Some of the supplies might be little different, but you will be able to create the similar project. 

For more details please connect with us on whatsapp 9967781015

Soniya Agarwal


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