Creating mini scrapbooks and wallet albums are so much fun!!

Add so many photographs, notes and messages!!

Yup, this wallet scrapbook has lots of flaps to add photos and notes with stamped sentiment!!

My favourite portion is the cover of this wallet card.. all the cutie birds are hand cuts and the stamped image is hand coloured!!

Instead of crisp work I wanted it a bit shabby and childish 😉

Hope you all also like it!!

handmade scrapbook - wallet, mini album, card

Handmade scrapbook , card

Handmade scrapbook, cardHandmade scrapbook, card

Handmade scrapbook, card

Handmade scrapbook, card

Handmade scrapbook, card

To place the order for this lovely frame mail us at or leave us a message on our

facebook page or you can also reach us on 09619462335

Keep Smiling!!

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