Namaste Everyone 🙂

Working with mdf craft supplies is fun and I am super excites to share  my project mixed media door hanger for ColourArte Design Team Call.

Mixed media Door Hanger: My time..  Have a look 🙂

Closer look of Door hanger.

Here we start with our pic tutorial. Hope you enjoy this and get inspired to make one 😉

Step 1. Prepare the base of hanger with black acrylic color.

Step 2: Add texture with cotton sheet roll using your favorite adhesive.

Step 3. Adding some fun!! I am using my colorful beads for dimensions and elements.

Step 4: Again made my color palette black to highlight just the elements and colour my cotton thread.

Step 5: Colour the cotton thread with black and add ting of ColourArte Silks Acrylic Glaze.

Step 6: Now finally add coloured thread to the hanger and highlight the elements with silks Acrylic glaze.

And here is how it looks 🙂

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

Hoping to be part of my favorite colourful world of ColourArte. Fingers crossed!!

Note: I have another project with the same sliks Arcylic glaze just to show how differently we can use the same product. Do check:



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