My long time wish to make a different memory book is finally complete..

A fab mini album book for a pretty Girl!!! Fresh blue shades with lot many colours..

This Scrapbook is with a big cover pack.

The scrapbook brings back all the childhood memories with her family.

Handmade scrapbook, Mini book, Growing Craft

This Memory scrapbook has pockets with tags and folded tags with photos 😉

Handmade scrapbook, Growing Craft , Mini album

Handmade scrapbook, Growing Craft, mini album

Loads of hand stamping, coloring and shading with so much of embellishment!

Handmade scrapbook, Mini album, Growing Craft

Handmade scrapbook, Growing craft, mini album

Handmade scrapbook, growing craft, mini album

Handmade scrapbook, Growing craft, Mini book

Handmade scrapbook, growing craft

Handmade scrapbook. Growing craft

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