Happy Birthday – Explosion Box card


Making Explosion Box cards are fun!! We loved making this for a pretty lady from her Fiance to make her birthday celebration more special. This box has 3 layered cake at the center and top niche has space to keep a ring!!

Adding orange flowers to red and combination turned our to be really pretty and a BIG THANKS to Dhaivat for allowing us to experiment with this box and colour combination. Yeah he was really sweet to give us complete freedom to work on it!!

Sharing few more pics of it.

This is how the opened box with flaps looks ūüôā The center of the Box has 3 layered paper cake design with the top mini space to keep a ring!!

ITEM : Explosion Box card

CODE : GC-CD-064

Type : Explosion Box card with 3 layered paper cake at the center.

Details: Red and black theme Explosion Box card with a tinge of orange. It has space for more than 30 photos and journaling space.

Zibica Online store: https://www.zibica.in/vendor-shop/growingcraft1.html/

Link to craft store in India: http://blog.zibica.in/2016/11/22/online-craft-supply-stores-in-india/

These can be made in any theme.

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